Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Kate's Potions - The End (I hope!)

Last Friday we had to present our final ideas for Kate's Fruit Potions to Good Creative. Again they were great at listening to what you had come up with and giving you constructive feedback on what they thought was effective and what could be improved.

My Idea: The final logo portrays the potion labels in an organic form, incorporating elements of fruit and nature. The colours used have been selected to portray each of the four varieties of fruit potion available. The logo therefore changes in colour depending on which bottle it adorns.
This also allows for instant recognition of flavour. Black has been used in addition to this to ensure readability.

The bottle’s structure is inspired by the shape of potion bottles which helps emphasise the name of the brand. The colour white has been adopted to give an element of mystery to the product. However the see through section of the bottle has been created so that the consumer can see what the juice looks like. It is also intended to appeal to children who will be intrigued by this fun interactive element. A screw cap will allow children to consume the drink when needed. The bottle will be designed to fit in a lunch box.

I got positive feedback which I was really pleased about. Keith suggested that the use of a white bottle may be too medicinal and that I could consider changing this. I was also told to make my type larger so that it has more of an impact.

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