Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Presentations Underway

At today's lecture we saw the first of the group presentations. I thought they were all really good and it was clear that the groups had put a lot of effort into their business proposals. Even though everyone has been set the same brief it was good to see the various different ideas that people had come up with.

I thought the 'pecking order' proposal was very well delivered, the group had went to extra lengths by setting up a working website which I thought looked pretty professional. It gave us a true idea of what using their service would entail. 'Trekabout' was another interesting proposal. Whilst hillwalking is a popular activity the group discovered some individuals don't participate as they do not consider themselves experienced enough. Their aim was to build up hillwalking communities where groups of people would come together to enjoy the activity.

The other 2 groups had similar ideas, both wanted to promote growing your own fruit and vegetables. 'Allot Left' aimed to sell 'waste' fruit and veg which is grown in allotments around Dundee, the money made from selling these items on would go back into the allotment community. Whilst 'Fayre Trade Market' focused on promoting grow your own to residents of Dundee. Any produce grown could be 'bartered' at an indoor market, meaning that members of the public could exchange goods.

I thought all the presentations were well executed, and everyone that spoke delivered their talk very well. To be honest its made me a little scared for presenting my own now!

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