Friday, 11 March 2011

A good talk

Today we received a really inspirational talk from Keith Forbes and Chris Lumsden both founding directors of Good Creative. After discussing how they approach briefs and being given a showcase of some of the projects they have worked on in the past they spoke to us about the importance of design.

I was aware that graphic designers often have to pitch for projects, and make sacrifices when it comes to budgets and deadlines which often results in amateur agencies producing poor quality work. However I what i didn't know that there was an organisation in place to help 'promote professional excellence through productive partnerships between commerce and the design industry to champion effective design which improves the quality of people's lives.'

Speaking in some depth about the DBA (Design Business Association) I left with a new attitude towards design. As a class we are all aware of D&AD and I think winning one of their prestigious yellow pencils if something we would all love to achieve. While D&AD award designers based on their creativity the DBA '
reward the integral role that design effectiveness plays in commercial success.' I think this is a great idea as creatives have to produce designs that works, it may not be the most conceptual of ideas, but producing work which meets clients/ consumers needs doesn't mean its any less creative.

I think we all have appreciated the time Good Creative have taken to come and speak with us, and I definitely feel I have a different outlook on the future of design.

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